Sidra Garden Center

Within the vicinity of Sidra Agricultural Company's office in Luqta, Qatar, a new branch named "Sidra Garden Center" was opened on March 29, 2014. Bright and bold colours fill the showroom - reflected by the flowers, planters and artwork on display.

Truly, it is the workplace of a creative soul. It is exciting to open this line of business to better serve the fast-growing and dynamic Qatari market.


Supplemented by the company's vast experience from catering to landscaping, empowered by the responsive presence and management of its staff, Sidra is uniquel positioned to contribute positively to the industry with optimisation of efficiency and more importantly, creating a rewarding customer experience.

Sidra Cleaning Company

Cleaning is our core business, achieving this priority for our customers will help us grow and survive in this fiercely competitive environment


Outdoor & Indoor Cleaning

Windows, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Office & Commercial Cleaning

Building Exterior Cleaning

Sidra Pest Control

Sidra has established the Pest Control Department to provide comprehensive solutions for Residential Properties, Industrial Properties & Commercial Properties. We provide green, Earth-friendly solutions.

Our service begins by a complete inspection of the property by our technical team, specialized in insect identification, problem-solving & advanced treatment. Our skilled team is not only controlling pests but also identifying the reasons of their appearances. Our team is composed of well-trained, accredited, honest and prudent professionals who aim to provide the best customer experience as well as long-term protection from pests.

Using only high-quality products and safe application techniques, our service is backed by an exceptional quality assurance programme, a team of experts and comprehensive documentation of our findings and service - all of which guarantee our pest control services and meet our high-quality standards and yours.

Services:  Ant Control - Bee Control - Fly Control - Scorpion Control - Spider Control - Aphid Control - Cockroach Control - Mosquito Control - Snail & Slug Control - Termite Treatment - Bed Bug Control - Flea Control - Rat & Mouse Control - Snake Control - Tick Control